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ICNA-Relief arranges its Feed the Hungry program TWICE a month in San Francisco, Oakland, and Stockton 

Volunteers are needed for 2 hours to help
prepare meals in South Bay and distribute food in Oakland or San Francisco.


Ansar Program

For the first time in Bay Area, WhyIslam has launched a comprehensive program to facilitate assimilation of New Muslims (Reverts) within our well established Muslim Communities. The WhyIslam Ansar program has a vision to support new Muslims in all aspects of life, providing them spiritual, social, financial and counseling services. The inaugural session of this program on May 8, 2010, has generated immense response and support from the community. 

The WhyIslam Ansar program is initiated as a solution to an immediate need in our community where we felt that new Muslims are facing challenges in many aspects of life, including basic religious duties and friendship. Therefore it is our duty to help our new Muslim brothers and sisters and welcome them to the Ummah. One of the immediate objectives of WhyIslam Ansar program is to train a group of mentors under the supervision of leading scholars and Imams of SF Bay Area. These trained mentors will utilize step-by-step learning tools and Hikmah (wise judgment) to help new Muslims on their journey to become practicing Muslims and to be role models for their non-Muslim friends and family. 

This program is essential to handle a large number of new Muslims accepting Islam in response to dawah efforts of various organizations in general and mass-media-campaigns of WhyIslam in particular. At the same time this infrastructure support is required to handle a large number of prospective Muslims requesting Masjid visits through 877-WHYISLAM hotline. Your generous support will help to expand this much needed service.