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ICNA-Relief arranges its Feed the Hungry program TWICE a month in San Francisco, Oakland, and Stockton 

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WhyIslam Programs for 2010 - 2011 

Islam on Freeways Campaign

Our 2010 billboard campaign will target roughly 1 million eyes every week on 101 and 880 freeways in downtown and south San Jose areas. Commuters will have the chance to read mind probing expressions such as “Islam: You deserve to know!” or “Islam: The message of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed”, in addition the ad encourages the viewers to get a free copy of Quran by calling 877-WHYISLAM or visiting WhyIslam.org website. 

A similar campaign in 2009 resulted in tremendous response from non-Muslims calling our toll free 877-WHYISLAM line and received heavy coverage in news and TV media, the following is an excerpt of San Jose Mercury article, published September 11, 2009:  

    “It's certainly not unusual to spot billboards in Silicon Valley urging you to step into Fry's Electronics, shop at the Great Mall or buy a new Halloween costume.  

    But for the first time, billboards asking "Why Islam?" have sprouted up in San Jose, Santa Clara and Concord, along with a blitz of posters on buses and bus stops - a campaign to educate people about the religion and fight negative stereotypes. The ads offer free Korans and a toll-free number people can call to seek answers about the oft-misunderstood religion.”

These billboards will be posted from May 31st to July 5th and will Insha Allah generate a viewership of ~3 million commuters in heavily congested freeway segments in Bay area, do your part and donate generously to be part of spreading Islam on Freeways of America. 

Would you like to deliver message of Islam to every house in Bay area? 

You can Insha Allah, for the first time in San Francisco Bay area a 30 sec TV ad showing the true face of Islam will be delivered over the air, satellite and cable broadcast. We have strategically timed this campaign to start soon after our Islam on Freeway Campaign and will end just before beginning of the Ramadan. This mass media campaign will target a broad demographic through a careful choice of 50 time slots in the morning, afternoon, evening and late night TV programs.  

The main objective of the ad is to give the viewers a chance to visualize the permeation of Islam across racial, geographical and ethnic boundaries. Some of the viewers may have never realized that there are approximately 7 million Muslims in America representing ~2% of population and that they do not have to travel far to experience the true face of Islam; all that is required is to visit a local Islamic Center, which may not be far from their homes. The viewers are encouraged to call 877-WHYISLAM toll free number to get answers to their questions where they can also request a free copy of Quran.  

So do not let this historical moment pass by. Sponsor an ad by clicking the link below. 

Message of Islam in Every Mall and Farmers Markets

On almost every Saturday and Sunday you will not visit any local farmer’s market except you will see a group of dedicated daee’s from WhyIslam delivering the message of Islam to the shoppers and visitors. It is a unique 1-on-1 dawah opportunity in a relaxed carefree environment. This form of dawah may not have large numbers as associated with the mass media campaigns but Insha Allah this is one of the most effective forms of dawah, as there is a human dialogue involved which usually helps shatter all of the stereotypes and media generated images against Muslims. Our dedicated daee’s on average handle hundreds of these 1-on-1 dawah sessions each week providing the visitors with insightful information about Islam and at the same time distribute well articulated literature on common myths about Islam. 

In near future, we are planning to add a lot more audio-visual component to our literature database. A series of short documentaries, labeled as “video brochures”, on common misconceptions about Islam, e.g., Hijab, Jihad, Concept of God, etc, are being created with the help of professional media outlets.  

These video brochures in the form of DVDs usually stay with the individuals and their families for a long period of time and have a long lasting impact on the viewers. Let your generous contributions help us to distribute a large number of these DVDs free of cost to our dawah booth visitors.  

WhyIslam Ansar Program

For the first time in Bay Area, WhyIslam has launched a comprehensive program to facilitate assimilation of New Muslims (Reverts) within our well established Muslim Communities. The WhyIslam Ansar program has a vision to support new Muslims in all aspects of life, providing them spiritual, social, financial and counseling services. The inaugural session of this program on May 8, 2010, has generated immense response and support from the community. 

The WhyIslam Ansar program is initiated as a solution to an immediate need in our community where we felt that new Muslims are facing challenges in many aspects of life, including basic religious duties and friendship. Therefore it is our duty to help our new Muslim brothers and sisters and welcome them to the Ummah. One of the immediate objectives of WhyIslam Ansar program is to train a group of mentors under the supervision of leading scholars and Imams of SF Bay Area. These trained mentors will utilize step-by-step learning tools and Hikmah (wise judgment) to help new Muslims on their journey to become practicing Muslims and to be role models for their non-Muslim friends and family. 

This program is essential to handle a large number of new Muslims accepting Islam in response to dawah efforts of various organizations in general and mass-media-campaigns of WhyIslam in particular. At the same time this infrastructure support is required to handle a large number of prospective Muslims requesting Masjid visits through 877-WHYISLAM hotline. Your generous support will help to expand this much needed service.