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What Do I deserve to Know?
ICNA Bus Ad Campaign

First bus spotted in San Francisco

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WhyIslam Bus Ad campaign, YOU DESERVE TO KNOW!,  is started on February 9, 2009, with ads on more than 140 San Francisco MUNI buses

Q: What do we mean by 'You Deserve to Know'? Is this an engaging, unique, project name? Is it a publicizing technique? What does 'You Deserve to Know' refer to? What do I deserve to know?

A: 'You Deserve to Know' refers to the right of every person to know what Islam is really about. It also refers to the idea that everyone should be aware that in an age when popular stereotypes about Muslims are undermining a faith and an entire civilization, explaining and clarifying the religion is a moral obligation on Muslims.

Do your part and convey the Message of Islam
ICNA Bay Area - San Francisco Bus Ad Campaign
King size ad for 4 weeks $500.00
Queen size ad for 4 weeks $300.00
Tail size ad for 4 weeks $200.00
... any other amount  

 Sponsor a Bus

Q: What is 877-Why-Islam?

A: ICNA's 877-Why-Islam project is a leader in pioneering up to date strategies to better convey the true understanding of Islam to others and clarify many of the misconceptions of Islam.

From Billboards to interviews to Radio campaigns, Islam Ads on Buses in different metropolitan cities and NY Subway, ICNA through 877-Why-Islam has introduced the Islam and reached out to millions of people. Everyone deserves to know what Islam is all about. Click here for more info on ICNA.

I Deserve to Know!

  -  Some of the people will decide that they do deserve to know and will make the phone call (or visit WhyIslam.org).

-  The phone call is forwarded to our 877-Why-Islam representatives who are eager to answer any questions the caller may have.

-  An 877-Why-Islam representative will handle the inital questions and answer any questions about Islam clearly.

-  If the caller requests literature (ie. a copy of the Qur'an or reading material on Islamic beliefs and issues), it will be mailed to the caller, free of charge.

-  If someone is interested in visiting a local mosque in their area and interact with other Muslims, 877 Why Islam will help facilitate a meeting with the local Muslim community.

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The WhyIslam Team
Islamic Circle of North America
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

The ICNA Bus Ad campaign is endorsed by:
Muslim Community Association (MCA-Dawah)
Musliam American Society (MAS)
Islamic Organization of N.A (IONA)
South Valley Islamic Association (SVIA -Morgan Hill)
South Bay Islamic Association (SBIA)
Islamic Society of East Bay (ISEB)
Islamic Center of Fremont (ICF)
Almaghreb Institute
Masjid Noor Al Islam Alsabeel
Islamic Society of San Francsico (ISSF)