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ICNA-Relief arranges its Feed the Hungry program TWICE a month in San Francisco, Oakland, and Stockton 

Volunteers are needed for 2 hours to help
prepare meals in South Bay and distribute food in Oakland or San Francisco.


First time in the Bay Area
Islam Billboard Ad Campaign

WhyIslam Billboard & Bus Shelter Dawah Ad Campaign, started late August in the South and East Bay with ads on 7 billboards and 5 bus transit shelters. A toll free number, 1-877-WhyIslam, and the website are posted for interested viewers to call and obtain more information.

Now it is time to invest in our future and the future of our children. A future where there is no place for hate, prejudice, discrimination or bigotry.  
Among the objectives of WhyIslam Billboard Ad Campaign is to bring about positive awareness to our fellow Americans, about Islam and Muslims. 
Ramadan Bus Ad Campaign in East Bay

ICNA Bay Area Chapter, in coordination with Contra Costa County Islamic Centers is currently also ran a Bus Ad Campaign, YOU DESERVE TO KNOW!, in the East Bay with ads on 35 CCCTA buses.

The goal of this project is to instill a sense of curiosity through a bus ad campaign thereby encouraging people to search for unbiased information on Islam and to promote understanding and dialogue between people of different faiths.

ICNA San Francisco Bus Ad Campaign in February 2009
Reached out to 1.4 million people daily
A similar dawah campaign with ads on 160 MUNI buses in San Francisco, earlier this year, was a great success - Alhamdulillah, with more than 800 calls received; more than 9 Shahadahs
Do your part in conveying the Message of Islam


The WhyIslam Team
Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

WhyIslam is committed to convey the message of Islam to every citizen and eradicate misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims.